About EVDO-Cup 8

15-25 June 2013

Festival of extreme sports

EVDO-Cup 8 will be a part of great festival of extreme kinds of sport - Luga-Extreme in the Leningradskiy region.
Organizator's web-site

Programm of competition

The way of doing tasks of TOP and Easy version, judge details, counting and choosing champions.

The list of participants

This document will be available with the start of registration on EVDO-Cup 8

About place

Luga-Extreme place

This festival will have two areas. Main field is for flyers and transport. Another area is for water kinds of sport. This areas are marked on the map.


Latitude: 58°59′9.73″N (58.986036)
Longitude: 29°3′16.39″E (29.054552)

What's new

Prize fund

First time in our history we have such a big minimal prize fund - 150 000 RUB (about 5000$). Also organizators will grant remarkable conditions for the stay: big cottages near the beautiful lake.

This time everybody will have some souvenirs!


In your free time on festival you can visit one of the most beautiful cities on the world. We will give some excursion buses.

Great exhibition

There will be huge exhibition of paramotoring production: engines, wings and accessories. You also can test all of them.



The youngest pilot of tournament is Igor Karizhsky (28 years). The oldest pilot in our competition was Kupriyanov Vladimir. On that tournament he was 60 years old.

Number of pilots

For entire history of the competitions 77 different people took part in the TOP-Version of tournament and about 38 pilots in Easy-Version.

About women pilots

Today we have 3 women, who was our competitors: Samusenko Svetlana from Krasnodar, Burnakina Tatyana from Petushki and Parshukova Elena from Saint-Petersburg.

Speed records

In PF class time record is 1 min 47 sec - Pavel Knyazev from Krasnoyarsk. PL class - Alexey Miheev - 1 min 52 sec. All these records were reached on EVDO-Cup 6

Other achievements

The biggest number of wings in the air in one moment is 47. It was on the EVDO-Cup 6.

Registration form

Unfortunately, the registration period hasn't started yet. It's starting 1 May 2013. If you want us to remind you, when it starts, send us your e-mail adress. We will write you in May.

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